Yusuf Beeharry makes a DISC golf hole in one

We recently opened our disc golf course which has proven to be great fun for golfers and non-golfers alike. If you can throw a Frisbee you can play disc golf. We currently have 5 disc golf holes available and this really is a fun way for friends and family to spend an hour together walking in nature and enjoying a social challenge together. Recently the co-creator of disc golf at Heritage Golf Club, Yusuf Beeharry, took some of our staff onto the course to play a round. Yusuf made the first hole in one ever on our disc golf course on hole 2 which measures approximately 50m. This was quite a feat considering that one has to accurately judge the velocity, height, curve and distance whilst navigating the wind with a disc. Congratulations Yusuf!

shailen chuttoor