Peter Hanna – voted in as PGA Captain

It is our great privilege this month to highlight the success of one of our most loyal guests. Peter Hanna and his wife Lynne visit us each year and have enjoyed their stays at Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort for many years now. They play most days during their stay and over the years all of us at the Heritage Golf Club and Awali have got to enjoy their great company and friendship. 2019 is a special year for Peter in particular as he was named the Captain of the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland which is an exceptional honour for him and all the family. We are extremely proud of him! Peter has had the honour of representing the PGA at the US Masters, The Open and the PGA Cup which is being held in the USA this year. If you would like to read up on Peter and his role within the PGA we invite you to visit an article written in the Belfast Telegraph.

shailen chuttoor